Time and Life – Biblical Perspectives on Time, Freedom and Life

How you understand time determines how you live in time. As soon as a time is characterized as ‘crisis’ the behavior of people changes significantly, for instance. Or think of the difference between time understood as ‘weekend’ and time reserved for work. There’s also the difference between ‘worship time’ and ‘ordinary time’, and so on.

This workshop explores interactively how the Gospel of Mark offers its own way of looking at time and how this creates space for the Jesus movement. We will explore how precisely the expectation of ‘the end of time’ has a liberating effect for Jesus and those around him and asks the question how our own understanding of time impacts our way of life. – Please bring a Bible (app) to this workshop.

Workshop leader: Prof. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit, a priest of the Diocese of Haarlem, holds the chair for Ancient Catholic Church Structures at Utrecht University and the Dom Hélder Câmara Chair for Contextual Biblical Interpretation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Among his recent publications are: Old Catholic Theology: An Introduction Brill Research Perspectives in Theology (Leiden: Brill, 2019) (Czech translation in 2021; German translation in preparation) and, The Iglesia Filipina Independiente: Being Church ‘Pro Deo et Patria’ (ed. with Ineke Smit ; Sliedrecht/Amersfoort: Merweboek/Pascal, 2022).

Language: English

Max. participants: 10

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